Monday, December 24, 2007

First round

We had our first round of gift opening a few hours ago.

J picked out gifts for me to open and vice versa.

I tore into the fuzzy black slippers and now I oddly feel like I am wearing my cats on my feet. Meow.

J's very much enjoyed the GI Joes I got him, the desert soldier in particular. Little does he know what the future potentially holds. Ex thought he would hear back from his high powered friend on Friday, didn't, and wonders if the friend is trying to spare his Xmas.

Another gift J had me open was a heavy, tiny box. It felt like a dense bar of soap; I absolutely love smelly bars of soap. As I was slashing though the paper, I saw "Pour Homme" written on the box and almost laughed, but restrained myself. Ex (or his wife, I think, was in charge of this) always lets J pick gifts without guidance, whereas I steer or just go ahead and pick for him. Ex's system is how I got the four foot tall wooden giraffe a few years ago, J insisting that I collect giraffes and ex knowing that my sister is the one.

When J saw the bottle, he got disappointed on his own, lamenting, "That's cologne, isn't it, Mom." I smiled and showed him the "Pour Homme" on the box and said it's no wonder, because he doesn't speak French. I told him, however, that I often like colognes, how one of my favorite perfumes I wear is actually a unisex cologne. I love how fresh and clean they smell, reminding me of a man being around.

Thanks, Celine. Yours passes muster. It works for both of us.


brite69 said...

I thought I was the only chickie who liked to keep colgne around. We need to form a club or something.

Cricket said...

Yeah, just call us butch!

BipolarLawyerCook said...

He's a lucky boy, your son.

Aunt Becky said...


Sweet kid. Mine always tries to buy me grandma jewelry.

laura b. said...

I don't's kind of cute to see what they'll pick on their own :-) And sounds like you handled it beautifully.

Cricket said...

Okay, I'm a control freak when it comes to gifts, especially mine.

For his dad, I'll let J help choose, especially when it's from online. I had a bunch of camel backs up at and had him pick from among them, so it's kind of a compromise between the philosophies when I can.

I also got Ememy at the Gates DVD for NRA lifetime member ex, because J had enjoyed it so much with me - minus the extraneous 5 minutes of unnecessary sex and Rachel Weiss's ass - and we knew his dad would like a sniper movie.

I gave them some Benjamin Port, of course, but J had nothing to do with that one.