Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday hangover. Not really.

We had a lovely day yesterday. I took J to his dad's at noon. Calling as we were enroute, they were quite impatiently waiting for him, as they were holding off opening gifts. J and his 17yo step brother both got gaming chairs which were great hits. I'm glad when they do things together. I got ex and J wrist walkie talkies for hiking, but the boys put them to good use yesterday, especially while gaming in different rooms. When I talked to ex today, he seemed to appreciate his gifts. I told him I'd gotten him the camel back for when they hike or camp, as he doesn't usually run far enough to need one. He replied that there was another reason for it: the desert. I agreed that it had occurred to me as well.

After dropping off J, I went to see the Dewey Cox movie. It was good, not great. I figured my pervy self would enjoy it more. The "Let's Duet" song was a riot, although reading it you don't hear the necessary pauses. The movie did, however, reinforce one thing for me: John C. is one ugly mofo. Yeah, and I kept flashing to his distasteful rape jokes from this video.

Later I went to an Xmas singles dinner. A delicious surprise, filet mignon was the main course . There were about a dozen of us and we played games after dinner. I am good at games, smarty pants that I am, so I really enjoyed that part. I stayed 4:30 to 12:30, so I was well ocuppied. And no alpha females or exes were there, thank goodness.

I forgot to post this yesterday, so continued greetings of the season...


Anonymous said...

yay! sounds like a great day.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture~