Thursday, May 01, 2008


Preceeding my cold just a bit, I developed a stye. It was my second this year, quite unusual for me. This last stye was more than a minor bump; it caused my whole lower lid to swell and turn bright red. It was quite impressive and made the cold more miserable. Its duration has been impressive also; it lasted very obvious for weeks.

Now it is less obvious, but it is still there, as it has formed a cyst. It is neutral, but there is a bump near the inner corner, lower lid. With what I've read online, the cyst can be drained, but the interior of the cyst is quite stubborn and must be scraped/removed as well. They usually do this through an incision inside the lid. I am holding my breath that mine will dissapate and figure, at the very least, there is a bb in my lower lid. I could not bear a surgery like that.

In wondering what might be causing the two styes this year, I remembered an under eye cream I began using. I don't have wrinkles, but thought it might be time for some preventative therapy. I must conclude that the cream caused the styes. It is Neutrogena's anti-oxidant age reverse eye cream, the one advertised by Jennifer Garner. I enjoyed using it, although I'd forget about half the time. I cannot recommend it, however, unless one enjoys styes for some odd reason.


Ron Southern said...

Call a neurosurgeon, get a transfusion, get psychoanalyzed, reverse any sex changes that have occurred in your family! Eat more lettuce, less beef, bathe your feet in tuna! Think of something, for Christ's sake!

p.s. Use gloves when you email me! Keep that big tent on if we have sex!!!

Ron Southern said...

I felt great sympathy and concern before I had that panic attack.

Cricket said...

Wow, quite the frenzy.

You might have had a sroke, but you sure haven't lost your wicked sense of humor!

Tara said...

Ouch, I hope the eye situation resolves very soon! I had a lump on my eyelid once. It wasn't a stye, the doctor called it a chalazion. I had an optometrist remove it surgically. It was a fairly quick, in-office procedure.

Cricket said...

Tara, I'm so glad you wrote that. I think that's what mine has become. Glad to know it's pretty easy to fix.