Monday, May 05, 2008

Going to the gym

I saw a commercial for Curves last month. It said that if you bring in three milk lids, you could get three weeks for free. It took a couple weeks, but I got together the caps. Then I checked the website and there was nothing about it. I called the local branch and they knew nothing. Alas. It's kind of funny.

Instead, tomorrow I will purchase 12 visits for $30. I will get their talk at the ninth visit. I don't have a feel for how long this process will be.

When the woman answered the phone, she was breathing hard and referenced one machine, what a good work out it was. I just laughed and said I don't want a good work out.

I am pathetic, but I will try tomorrow.


Monica Cassani said...

Curves works and it's an really easy workout too.

I did curves when I was well and lost a lot of weight with virtually no effort.

As I am an athlete by nature I got tired of how easy the workouts were and joined a "real" gym.

But if you don't like working out it's the most friendly and fun workout in the world...I really enjoyed chatting with the women and hanging out there...I just wanted to get more serious.

Now I do nothing and wish I could go to curves.

Anonymous said...

My gym membership just expired a couple of weeks ago. I was going to rejoin, but the prices went up too much. I am now looking for a month to month package at another gym. (no long term stuff, possibility of job relocation)

Shop around for a place that feels right. You will have to go to the places as well and see if the atmosphere fits you as well. Too many times people join gyms without thinking of the "intimidation of others" factor. As an example, I would not join the one place because every dude in there was huge and I just did not fit that crowd.

Ron Southern said...

You want a BAD workout?

CecilyK said...

Are you familiar with the company? It might not matter to you (and it's ok if that's true), but they are a huge funder of anti-choice movements and activities. :)

Cricket said...

Cecily, I will check it out. Seeings how I reneged on the other local gym's dues, I am stuck. I wish I had the discipline to do it on my own.