Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Okay, I lied

I woke up achy and coughing. I know that many people would say that's just the time to get your ass to the gym, but I am not one of those people! So I rescheduled for next week, when I will find another ailment!

I am so excited that I bought baseball tickets online tonight for Mother's Day. I think of the holiday as Family Day, because what makes others happy also makes Mom happy. Two years ago, it was the orange bird team. This year, it's the new team in the newer stadium, our first time to the new digs. Can't wait. Hope we get there in time for the pink W hat give away, although I know some people thinks it looks too presidential. I got tickets at 3rd base, up one section. Have to bring a glove for sure.

Okay, late posting. I'm zonked. Too much time in chat will plum wear a body out.

PS - Tomorrow, the new strings concert pictures. I know you want it.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun at the Nationals game in the brand new ball park. Just be sure to catch any foul ball that comes your way.