Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

to my 11 year old little man!

We ate dinner at Red Lobster and needed wheelchairs getting out.
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Monica Cassani said...

Yay!! happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday kiddo!!!

Churlita said...

Happy birthday, to the cutie. My youngest daughter's birthday is om the 22nd.

Tara said...


DD said...

11?! Good gravy. Isn't that the new 15 for boys (or even older if I was to go by my soon to be 7 year old...)?

Happy Birthday!

Shinny said...

Happy Birthday, a bit late, to my son's "twin". I can't believe I forgot J's b-day, but then I did forget Alex's last year, I won't be winning mother of the year anytime soon, I guess. ;)

Hope he had a great day and that mom wasn't too stressed about her baby being one year closer to a teenager.

(The twin turned 15!!) Makes me feel quite old.