Sunday, January 30, 2005

The benefits of blogging

When I started out, I was rather blind. I had not read that many blogs for reference. When I discovered that they weren't just for political (or other) big wigs, I knew I had a lot to say and it would do me good to get it out in this format.

I also thought that I might have something to teach, for example, to not wait until you're 34 to get pregnant for the first time, to not take fertility (or marriage, or mental health, or wealth, or security...) for granted.

I did not, however, know how much I would learn blogging.

It has helped me reconstruct important dates of things by going back through old posts.

It has helped me let loose of some baggage.

It has helped me reach out and receive incredible support. (Thanks!)

It helps me get my mind organized in two ways:

First, if I blog about something bothering me before I'm able to discuss it, I have created talking points for myself. My thoughts are more clear and my ideas are better constructed.

Second, when I commit my recent memories, impressions, and conversations to the written word, it serves as an apt "After Action Report," a military phrase describing the critical breakdown of details after an action.

Thanks, BlogUniverse, for giving me something I really need.

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nita said...

nice. i enjoy reading your blog so we're all getting something here, yes??!!