Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bumper afflictions and inflictions

Lots of bloggers talk about how stupid magnetic ribbon bows are on the tails of cars.

I agree. They kind of remind me of Eeyore.

At a car wash near P's as I waited to waste $8, I noticed that an electric transformer thing next to it was covered in magnetic ribbons, enough to support the troops, save the whales, and cure cancer a couple times over were it not for Chinese capitalists actually receiving the funds.

I guess the magnets had been sadly beaten down by the monster within the wash and the workers (yeah, workin' at the car wash, yeah) stuck them on the metal box on display for the owners to come back. Or for pilferers to take massive yellow or red, white, and blue booty.

Coincidently, several days after that, I spoke with J's K teacher and she asked me to do a bulletin board for her, too. I'd done a bunch of them last year for her, kind of how I got broken in.

She said they'd be doing a unit on magnets soon and she'd like something related to that. Over the next weekend, I sketched out an idea: a large, red ACME magnet with yarn bits going to things it attracts, things it doesn't attract scattered along the bottom. P and I came up with several ideas of what magnets attract, like cans, metal shavings (like any kid has a clue what that would be), and paper clips, but coming up with ideas was harder than I'd anticipated. P then came up with the brilliant refrigerator idea. Yes, both of ours are completely covered and it is probably something a kid could relate to on a bulletin board.

Hark! Then I remembered that magnets attract magnets! And I knew where there were a bevy of magnets for free!

So I went by my handy dandy transformer. There were only 2 ribbons remaining, amazingly someone had come ahead of me to steal, errrr, claim the many, many magnets. Out of the 2, I chose a huge yellow one about supporting troops. You know me, I couldn't possibly do a God one.

However, I have it on good advice, that God pays attention to bumper stickers. I just saw this one last week:

God Bless the Whole World. No Exceptions.

Man, that driver is a pretty arrogant servant to be bossing God around and all.

What if I want to be an exception?

What if I don't want a ribbon on my car either?

What if the attractive forces of a magnet make more sense to me?

Alright, what if one ribbon touched me so deeply that I could take this crap all back? I've not seen this magnetic ribbon before. Please look here. Kind of takes your breath away.

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