Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Rats and crickets?

Amazingly apropos, this is a serendipitous amalgamation of some elements of my last post:

Commotion, Distraction, A Modernist Poem
by Jason J. Loya

It begins....

a sqeek, a chirp, cccchurp chuurp churp, rp
anonsensicallineof - stop to dot
- complicated ramblings
Squeak Squeak Squeak eek

Is she speaking in churps and squeaks or do they need a new place to live b/c of the creatures associated with the churps and squeaks?

Although I appreciate it, poetry in general is something I can't quite get my brain around. You've now discovered my Achilles heel.

Help wanted.


Ron Southern said...

There is no help for squeakers and churpers, is there? Maybe you could start an animal preserve in the basement or back room, though. At least you'd have company.

Jason J. Loya said...

Hi. I was checking to see if google had finally added my blog to the search (which it has not) and came across your reference to my poem. I appreciate that. It is actually a poem written about the distractions that I was experiencing while trying (for whatever reason) to write a poem. I did my best to imitate with letters the actual sounds that were going on at the time. I thought it to be modernistic because it is actually a poem about writing a poem and the words seem to imitate sounds rather than try to mean something explicit. Incidentally, we were moving at the time and were actually in need of a place to live although I suppose I was also toying with the bigger picture of we as humans each trying to find our place in the world and the sometimes insignificance that can be felt (whatever). Anyway, I really like your blog. Ciao.

Cricket said...

I'm so glad you found my corner of the world and took the time to comment. I really appreciate your explanation.