Friday, January 21, 2005

Doesn't f*ck = fuck?

Relating in part to yesterday's post, A friend in need of bushes, sometimes I wonder.

Many bloggers write sh*t rather than shit and f*ck rather than fuck.

I believe sometimes it is because the writers are ultra conservative. They don't use curse words in their general life. Perhaps it is done for religious reasons, as if they won't be condemned somehow for writing sh*t or f*ck, even though it really is the thought that counts. Biblically, thinking bad stuff is as bad as doing bad stuff. So then, doesn't sh*t = shit whether it is thought, written, or said?

A lot of times, though, substituting sh*t, f*ck, or the like is said to be to ward off the potential Google search or the local pervert patrol. Now I may not completely understand perverts (or wannabes), for example Man Holds Up Sex Shop, Steals Inflatable Doll, but I can't fault anyone of legal age wanting a piece of ass. Or for reading free stuff online, having clean solo sex and not mindlessly impregnating or giving/receiving STDs or perhaps driving while drunk.

Often, the pots calling the kettle black or the (*)-using bloggers calling the searchers/readers perverted seem contradictory to me, incompatible, hypocritical, inconsistent, debatable, ironic even.

If one is talking about "h*mping like d*gs" in a public blog, then why would it matter if someone seeking "humping like dogs" found you? What makes them the pervert and you not? You're the one publicly taking about humping like dogs. And if you don't like being seen talking about "h*mping like d*gs," then why are you being so exhibitionistic in talking about it online like this?

What is it about some people's sexuality that makes theirs clean and others' dirty?

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Ron Southern said...

My guess is that most people who "asterisk" their rough language are just fence-straddlers who can't decide if the freedom of the Internet should be used or not. Or else they're feeling liberal when they first choose a topic, then waffle and suddenly picture their Mother or Grandmother reading the post and they "soften" it. It's permissible, there are no rules that say you have to be crude when you tell about crude things. For my personal taste, however, I'd rather avoid saying "bad words" entirely if I can't just say it. I don't like to pussy-foot very much, though footing a pussy doesn't sound so bad. (Was that bad language? That's my problem, I really can't keep track!)