Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Project Inaugural Runway

Laura Bush Selects Shimmery Inaugural Gown

As a junkie of Project Runway, having it unleash my age old interests in design, I enjoyed stumbling upon shots of the inauguration dresses for Laura Bush and the Bush Twins. (Note: Pictures are available 3 ways: in the Slideshow at the title link, by clinking on their names, or in the 3 posts previous to this one.)

I find Laura Bush's rather plain - a close silhouette, which nicely shows her waist, but I believe it is the same sort of thing she's worn repeatedly in the past. I'd call it Shiny Hourglass Frump. I guess it suits her age and personality, glittery crystals or not.

Her daughters' dresses are much racier, showing lots of cleavage and plenty of back. Babs is going as The Ice Princess. And Jenna, The Wild One, even has leather accents on her silk.

(My son liked Jenna's, innocently and thoughtfully asking if it might come in Mommy's size. Melt my heart, my blinders-wearing wee elf.)

The shindig the Bush Twins will be attending is called Texas State Society Black Tie and Boots' Inaugural Ball. It's in Texas, so it figures to be so sexist, only mentioning men's attire in the title. Strange. Guess that means even potato sacks are in, for women only, of course. Or do Babs and Jen wear boots and a tie with glam gowns? Or are there that many lesbians in Texas? I'm confused.

Public Service Announcements:
I know Babs and Jen already know these choice ditties, but I'll include them here so we all are aware of the indigenous lingo for the ever festive occasion.

Texas Boy's Mating Call:

Bitch, git in d' truck.

Texas Girl's Mating Call:

Ya'll, I'm so drunk.

Edit 21 Jan 05: Only The Ice Princess went with the flow (and the cartoon drawing was MUCH better than reality); the other 2 bailed and I'm not sure they were wise about it. Check out Fug.

Update 23 Jan o5: The twins swapped off designer creations, each wearing theirs at different events. I don't know who designed the alternate garb. All in all, I think Jenna faired best, with Sis doing everything she could to look pasty even. See more pictures at TheFirstTwins.com.

(PS - I hate Blogger and the Hello pictures uploading thing. What a nut roll! Tell me if you can do this crap in less than a hour and if you can get more than one picture in post. No, ya'll, I'm not drunk, not this time.)

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