Sunday, January 23, 2005

Way to call it!

"How do you describe that bib action on Serena's outfit? It sort of goes down and fastens into the lower part of the bodice," Dick Enberg queries and baits Mary Carillo.

Mary wryly responds, "You're doing a fine job of it yourself, Dick." Then she, master of the timeless descriptive phrase (e.g., Mary Pierce with her endless "re-babing"), adds, "It sort of looks dental to me. I don't think that's what she was going for."

I'm staying up late and seriously enjoying some live tennis action at the Australian Open during the match of Serena Williams and Nadia Petrova. (It is well established that I have a rather strong opinion about Serena, the t-girl.)

This AO get up is sort of the reverse of bib overalls. Instead of two straps going over the shouders, it is one fabric/strap combo that goes mid chest, encircling the neck, and coming down the back. The inset in it is a white open mesh which is what I think Mary got the dental idea from. It is kind of flossy. The bib contraption fastens into the peek-a-boo diaphragm-level holes of a yellow spandex sleeveless boob vice, complete with blue Flash Gordon swoops under the melons (as in water- not honey dews) and shoulder blades.

Dick and Mary didn't get down to discussing the bottom half or her boots, so I'll do it here, only days after Serena was ranked No. 6 on Mr. Blackwell's annual worst-dressed list. (I think The Mr. was giving her a break b/c she should have been a lower number. He knows that she is at least a talented tennis player, plus with the designs being her own I think there is an pity factor involved. )

Serena had on old fashioned, baggy, droopy white bloomers. They were covered by a long-ish white straight skirt with slits clear up to the waistband. It was essentially two big fabric rectangles, one in the front and one in the back. The size and length of the front one seemed to bother Serena as she often pulled at it. (See another version from the "line" here. It conveys the dental mesh idea well, almost looking like the wrapping for a cast.)

She once again wore her patented removable boots for warm up. This time, instead of the 2004 US Open "Hot Biker Chick" look, per Dick Enberg' characterization, they were sunshine yellow and white, matching her dental bib outfit.

I'm all for having goals, but I really wish Serena would pick the one she's good at and focus on it a bit more.

(Note: I edited this post for pictures and the following recent message, straight from Serena herself.)

Of course, as everyone expects, I will be wearing something special for the opening. It's actually part of my new line with Nike, the Serena Williams Collection. The line will include a new dress that transforms into a short. And, yes, I'll be wearing the boot again, with my Nike Serena Shox. I know everyone loves that boot! Although the boots won't be for sale, I'm still testing them, this is the first time we'll be offering what I wear on court to consumers, so that's really, really hot!

Serena Williams email sent to USA Today readers

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