Thursday, January 06, 2005

Duchamp's Toilet Brush

[PS upfront: This posts gets so many hits, but it isn't even about Duchamp's Tiolet. However, I had previously done a Duchamp post and you can view it here.]

Toilet Brush Warning Wins Consumer Award

DETROIT - The sign on the toilet brush says it best: "Do not use for personal

The $500 first prize went to Ed Gyetvai, of Oldcastle, Ontario,
who submitted the toilet-brush label. A $250 second prize went to Matt Johnson,
of Naperville, Ill., for a label on a children's scooter that said, "This
product moves when used."

A $100 third prize went to Ann Marie Taylor, of
Camden, S.C., who submitted a warning from a digital thermometer that said,
"Once used rectally, the thermometer should not be used orally."

Think about the people (men?) too busy to read such warnings! However, I have to wonder why it was men winning the first two prizes? Did their wives point stuff out to them? Is it an indication of them being well (potty) trained?

What about the non-readers in the world who could use this valuable information? Makes me glad to be literate, I'll tell ya.

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Ron Southern said...

About the literacy: Yeah, buddy!