Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Maybe P's off the hook a bit

The other day, P turned to me and said, "I guess we'll go to Vienna for our honeymoon."

Deja vu!

Jeez, sometimes I think he reads this blog on a stealth computer with stealth software - yes, I have inquired which browser they use at work just to be sure he's not hanging here. I know he doesn't read this from home.

But I just mentioned Vienna a week ago here and he mentions it within days, too. Scary.

(I have an awful lot of hits from the metro area I live in and I've never even said where I live, so it must be a coincidence. There really are a lot of people living around this region. Yeah, easy circumstances for coincidences, but I am paranoid nonetheless.)

On to Vienna's Klimt news... Seeing this news piece made my day.

Film About Painter Klimt Begins Filming

VIENNA, Austria - Shooting for a movie featuring John Malkovich as Austrian art
nouveau painter Gustav Klimt (
news - web sites) began Tuesday in Vienna, a publicity company said.

It is listed in IMDb, too.

I think I'll consider the flick to be additional research for my trip to Vienna, not a substitute for my trip to Vienna.

I guess P isn't off the hook at all.

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Ron Southern said...

It's not just your photos. Hasn't your sidebar insensibly jumped all the way to the bottom of the blog? I would guess you have some missing or mangled code, even if only a wrong character or two.