Monday, October 30, 2006

Good averages

Norma and I, +/- sons, have now been walking for 12 weeks. For motivation, I marked on my calendar each time we walked. We've gone out 52 times, so we're averaging over four times a week. That is better than I ever could have anticipated.

Since my asthma attack recently, she's being uncharacteristically concerned, kindly foreseeing lung limitations that don't really exist. She keeps monitoring my asthma and asking if I want to stop our walking because of the cold. Yesterday, she first said to sniff the wonderful fall air, then, oops, corrected herself telling me she that maybe I shouldn't with my allergies. She's sweetly over conscious and over cautious, but generally people are the opposite about such, especially if they don't have allergies to worry about themselves, so I don't mind.

Sunday we walked by a river and a bridge. Like most kids, my kid is fascinated by echos and he realized that the bridge produced one. Of course, crackpot Norma had to produce another.

son: hello
bridge: hellooo o o
Norma: helloo

son: ouououou
bridge: ouououou ou ou
Norma: ouououoouououou

son: hehe ha
bridge: heee ha
Norma: hehehehehe ha!

son: Norma has a big, fat butt.
bridge: Normaaaa...buttttt
Norma: Norma is a wonderful woman.



Orange said...

Hee! I like that Norma.

Kellie said...

I SO need a Norma! You lucked out Cricket.