Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Theatre of the Absurd

In what sort of altered universe doth she speak? Is there a place in the fertile world, aka The West, where a woman can be four months pregnant and merely suspect twins? What? Not confirmed? There are no ultrasounds performed in LA? Tom Cruise cornered the market?

Eddie Murphy and Mel B Might Have Twins
Mel B is reportedly pregnant with Eddie Murphy's baby, and could even be
expecting twins. The former Spice Girl - real name Melanie Brown - gushed to
staff at the exclusive Le Bra Lingerie boutique in West Hollywood that she was
four months pregnant while shopping on Saturday (10.14.06). A store spokesman,
Andy Behrman, confirmed: "Melanie Brown came in and was telling everybody she
was four months gone. "She said she suspects twins because they run in Eddie's

Life is surreal.

Besides, don't the twins have to run on the mother's side or is there an egg-splitting super sperm in their altered universe?


Kellie said...

There are no words...

Thalia said...

Yeah, well, she has a long history of being absurd, so I'm unsurprised by this little jaunt.

DD said...

Hell...for all she knows, she may be carrying a dead baby. Maybe even two!