Friday, October 13, 2006

Prolonging the magic

I called Tom this evening. I know, I know, one does not call on Friday evening and let on to no other plans. I figure I have a kid at home, so J's excuse enough to appear as a homebody.
Tom immediately said he got my message from Wednesday, but couldn't call back because of the no ID thing, him not knowing what I'd done. Of course, the no ID thing came up again right then when I called, too, as he commented, so I said I'd try to figure out what was causing that. I'll explain better if he brings it up again. Using *67 certainly seemed to call attention to itself. I am sure I would have gotten a call back if I had not used it, but that's okay, too. Patience is a virtue and I am such a virtuous person.
We talked for probably 30 minutes, not missing a beat from the other night. Ha! I didn't make up some false rapport in my self-conscious head. We talked a lot about local sites and recommended a few to each other. He loves playing the local tourist like me and he takes his kids everywhere. Did I mention that our exes only live a mile or two apart, with he and I living less than a mile apart? Funny.
He asked my schedule and I said I might have Sunday evening off as a trade back to ex for last Wednesday when ex's daughter was sick and he didn't want to infect J. Turns out, Tom has a big festival day planned with his kids on Sunday, so he asked about calling later, arranging something, and hanging out.
He's a sweet guy and we have a lot in common. Now to find out what we do not have in common.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck hun.

Cricket said...

I'm telling myself the same thing in many ways...

huh, good luck - with eye roll

hmmm, good luck - whispered with a pat on the head

err, good luck?

GOOD LUCK - shouted from the roof tops that she has a date

huh, good luck - and jeez, don't wear "old" Chucks or team hoodies

Cricket said...

Oh yeah, I got off the phone because I promised I'd take Norma for a walk, so I got to decompress a little with her. Tom's such a nice, genteel guy (without being wimpy like Glen), I'd almost like to give him to her.

She wouldn't talk like a sailor around him. I really an working on the language thing. She'd probably try to convert him, too. When he and I go out, I'll have to broach the religion thing.

Kellie said...

Listen to you... all confident and secure. (Isn't that a deoterant commercial?!) Anyway, nicely done!

Honestly, I'm not sure I could handle the single thing again - I'm so much better in text.