Monday, October 16, 2006

We're big pants people

Kudos for title recognition.
I am down over 25 lbs now. It has been an excellent gift to myself, even if the thyr*xine did most of the work, my little Thyr*id B1ack Beauties. Granted I am trying to eat decently, but I am not vigilant about it. The walking helps, too.
The other night I lamented to Norma that I am still wearing the same pants. It's not that I want to buy more pants right now and I could probably go down a size, but, folks, I am wearing the same pants. They are most baggy on the legs and are prone to dragging, but, folks, I am wearing the same pants. I don't think my waist has changed significantly. We concluded that I must have lost more in my upper body and legs than middle and that each time I gain or lose weight it has a different pattern. My face is thinner, but not 25 lbs worth.
Over the weekend, I was going through digital pictures and happened upon a (probably purposefully forgotten) picture of P and I standing together a year ago. As the resident picture taker, I am in few. Of course, this is by design.
The picture is from around the time I was at my highest weight. This was maybe two months after I'd begun thyr*id treatment, but while I was still underdosed.
All I can say is OMG! I can bitch and moan, but it is unfounded. I emailed it to Norma and she had the same reaction, except she'd never say the G part, of course.
I hope this gives us motivation to keep up walking when it's cold; she's been bummed because walking and yoga haven't done their trick on her yet. I tried jogging a little last night, but wound up with a full blown asthma attack - not sure if it was the exertion or the cold, but it was unpleasant. I think I'll stick with walking for now.

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Anonymous said...

Down 25 lbs? That is great!!! Congrats.

DD said...

I'm very proud of you. Don't worry about running if you're doing anything more than a leisurely walk. It's obviously working, why risk an asthma attack when it's cold(er).

Kellie said...

Kevin Meany?!

YEAH! Good for you!! Feels great doesn't it?! Tell Norma to hang in there... it'll work for her too.

I have slacked off since it's gotten cold. It's hard to find motivation when your freezing your balls off. I may join a (God forbid) gym... at least it's heated.

Cricket said...

Yeah, ex and I had a running joke if someone else was being narrow or stodgy, we'd say, "we're big pants people," on their behalf. That routine is classic.

DD, I never had trouble in the cold before, but I don't remember trying to run in it either. Goodness knows I am not ice skating or snow skiing, testing out my lungs that way either. Also, I usually take a preventive Proventil before I walk and I forgot. I guess it was from a combination of things. As sever as my asthma has been in the past, it really has behaved lately.

Baggage, 25 lbs on you is an entire leg!