Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pardon me

while I take a nap.

I have been unusually tired of late, often napping during the day. Can't figure out the cause. The only times I am routinely tired are the days +/- my period starting, but that isn't the case right now. I think my thyroid is behaving, but I have a check up for that (and my cervix) soon.

My diet has slid lately, but I have been able to keep up the walking. My son loves it too much and my M*rmon neighbor calls too often for me to get over on it. We're still averaging 4-5 times per week. My old age is catching up; hips and knees complain so I am contemplating a doctor's visit. Although it needs confirmation, I believe I have broken both knee caps, the most recent one on Valentine's Day and the previous about six years ago, and I wonder if there's anything at all they can do. I'm probably doing the prescriptions already: lose weight (check), exercise (check), take Advil (check). Also, for reference, my bone densities are stellar.

Continuing my healthful (cough) lifestyle, last night I walked to the bar that I'd met Tom. As it turned out, I drank all of three beers, but I wanted to feel free to have what I wanted without driving. My goal wasn't to see Tom, as he as he'd had a week to call but didn't. I have written him off, figuring his tendency toward the introverted has gotten the best of him, despite our lively and conversational times in person and on the phone. Actually, life is so much easier without the diversion.

My goal last night: to get to the closest bar I could walk to for an adult atmosphere, something which is generally lacking in my household. I wanted to chat up some big people. Also, when you really crave first hand smoke, second hand will suffice. I could be a smoker so easily, but I luckily have the same self control as when I denied myself c*caine all those years ago. I knew I would like it, so I didn't try it. I think the cooler weather being called football weather translates to being reminded of cigars-while-tailgating weather. I miss my little green guanas.

At the bar, I got the adult atmosphere I craved and I met some cool people. One lady is going to volunteer with me on my school project and I am basking in the serendipity of meeting her. Later with some other folks, I got in a rather heated argument concerning some local goings on. By the end we all kissed and made up; they understood my point of view even if they didn't agree with it. Apparently, it is a common local bar altercation. Points of view have a lot to do with specific demographics and I was younger than all of them. The bartender apologized to me as he handed me my tab and I still left him a tip.

It really is a swinging hip place. (ha) My achy hips fit right in.


Kellie said...

You wild woman!

Periodically I crave the bar "atmosphere" but I'm not really a drinker. Being sober in a bar is rather a drag.

Glad you got out and met someone to share your workload.

Kellie said...

Ack! Just heard the news about your PC. I hope you're back online soon. I'll be thinking about you! Keep walking!