Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To catch up

For some fucked up electronic-plagued reason, the edit of my last real post didn't come through. Here is the next installment.

The other night after our walk, Norma introduced me to a neighbor near her. I'll call this kindly older lady Mrs. Genteel. She was very pleasant to to talk to, but then she kind of got on a rant as she sought Norma's advice. Seems that she has neighbors who let their yip yip dogs out in the mornings unmonitored, so the dogs crap all over the place. It makes Mrs. Genteel quite angry to hear the barking, for them to poop in her yard, and for them to dare to bark angrily at her as she attempts to herd them back to where they belong.

Mrs. Genteel has tried to take this up with the owners, but she feels like a language barrier is invented so that they do not have to "hear" or respond.

To this, Norma piped up, "Tell them that you shoot dogs ... (pause to see their reaction) ... that aren't on leashes. That'll make it clear whether they understand." Then Norma turned to me and said, "Yeah, just ask Cricket, I shoot things already."

Okay, new computer and new modem..


I'm so fast you can't even see me. When one stays behind on technology, even buying new on the cheap end feels like cool, bubbling, rushing waters.

And just as I decide to write off Tom, he called last night and we talked for an hour and a half. He is truly a nice person. He said right at the outset that he has been extremely busy with work (short staffed) and that he has his kids this weekend and travels for work through the next weekend.

I'm okay with that, just aware. I'm not sure aware of what, but something. Most recently I was with a guy who refused to do anything but put his kid first and I was married to a guy who refused to do anything but put his work first. I need to be higher on the totem pole, so I'm aware. Just aware, and taking notes.

Basically, we like the same stuff. We really like doing the same things and have both taken our kid(s) to the same places. He hasn't been to any of the concert venues, saying he didn't have anyone to go with, so that's an opening for the future. He did mention his old church once, but I didn't pursue it. No need to provide a dose of atheism so soon.

I had a post last week about my volunteer thing, but it was too much a rant. I'll admit, I've had the same rant in my head before about my last of respect for a few service professions who actually buy into their own martyrdom, so the rant last week wasn't an aberration. Maybe I'll revisit it.

PS - Blogger down for service beginning 2pm PST.

PPS - It is fucking amazing how much one can get done when the computer is dead. Then when the modem is dead. My kitchen is happier.


Kellie said...

I heart Norma. I hate when people say they heart things - but I felt compelled. As one who just stepped in their neighbors' dog's shit pile... I may use her advice. I love it.

Happy about the new computer, the new modem and the newish dude.

DD said...

Apparently everyone in my house is happier when the computer is at rest. They're such party-poops.

Anonymous said...

yippee yippee dance dance

churp churp has a new computer!