Saturday, October 28, 2006

No poop talk

We don't often talk about poop around here. Diapers are long gone, but even then I didn't dwell on the poop because I really preferred each changed diaper to be a done deal. The cat's stray poop is about as bad as it gets now. Well, last week, the worst was a neighbor confronting the owners of pooping dogs.

As of yesterday, we have moved into new territory. My son has his first pimple on the side of his nose. He's had small red bumps, but this is the first to develop a head.

It took everything I had to not pop it, tweezer fingers of mine just itching. Instead I put salicylate on it, the best pimple remedy evar.

When I told J that he had a zit on his nose, him being a boy and completely oblivious about it, he reacted in a strange way. Strange to me.

"Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu," was all I heard as he digested the news. It was a Beavis moment. Seems that he's happy.

He asked, "Does this mean I am a teenager?" and I quickly screamed/pleaded/begged, um, said, "No, teenager begins at 13 and pre-teen is about 10-12."

He mused, "But I'm only nine!" Close enough, I guess.

Se we revisited how his body changed recently, how his chest and shoulders (and belly) filled out over the summer. He used to be on the slender side and now he is appropriately fuller and entering puberty. Whoa, he liked that word puberty. ... Pube.r.ty.

Off to buy him his own tube of pimple cream. Before I know it, he'll asking for other kinds of cream... or just stealing it.


Kellie said...

Oh the joy... just wait until several sets of sheets magically appear in the "weekly laundry" for reasons you don't want to know. Suddenly, a lock on the door is going to be something you'll be glad he has. (If he doesn't have one, you'll want to get him one. Trust me.)

IMHO, girls make the transition into puberty nicer than boys do. My comfort level was much better discussing bodily changes and functions with The-Girl than The-Boy. It would have been so bad but his excitment level was such I became embarressed VERY easy discussing things with him.

Anonymous said...

Puberty stinks. Literally. Bug is stinky.

And I swear, she is going to be like 6 feet tall and have super model boobs. She's almost there now, at 10. My god.

Anonymous said...

Don't tease! tell us about the neighbor confronting the owners of pooping dogs

Klynn said...

LaLaLaLaLa [fingers in ears] I can't hear you...

At 13, TJ wears a women's size 14 short and a 38D. As far as what she does behind closed doors, I don't wanna know. She freaks out when I walk into the bathroom when she's getting dressed, mostly because she's very body conscious at this point. I tell her that I'm not looking at her girlie parts...duh.

And zits, well they're pretty commonplace around here.

Oh, and she got her first AF visit on her 12th birthday...and was happy about it. Oh gawd. Well, she's starting to get tired of it now...ha. Long way to go girlie...

Cricket said...

I talked a little about it a few days ago...

Later on the owner of the pooping dogs came up to Norma and I speaking decent English, saying it was long in the past, and the old lady keeps harping on it. Form the lady, I gathered it was ongoing. From the guy, I gathered it was finished. Who knows.