Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Candy for me tonight!

It is the mother's tradition, to send one's child into the cold to forage for chocolate.

I'll be hovering around on the sidewalk, so I'll have done a little work, too. Hence, I'll earn each Almond Joy and Snickers I steal, just as my mother before me earned her candy corn and Sweetarts.

About about ten days ago, I told my son to hit up his dad for a Halloween costume over visitation weekend, thinking it'd be a good way for me not to spend the bucks as well as something for them to do together, as in go to a store and shop. Later, I learned ex did it the online way instead and, last Wednesday, the Darth Vader costume arrived. Now this was not just any Darth Vader costume. After shipping it cost $85. It better last a few years, but it appears to be a hearty one, built to weather a number of wearings as long as we can keep all the accessories together.

So tonight I hope the force is with us, the chocolate force, that is. We're going to do what I call 'drive by trick or treating' and hit up the good neighborhoods.


DD said...

Max wanted to be DV also, but I couldn't see spending the dollars for it. We opted for Anikan instead, which I explained was DV when he was a boy like X. That seemed to satisfy him...oh, and so did the light saber.

Cricket said...

Accessories, it's all in the accessories.

The light saber on J's would be more cool if the fucking screw had come out and we could have put in batteries. That's why I missing having a spouse; I could make someone else do stuff and blame someone else for stripping the screw. J seemed okay with it not lighting up, because the fake light extending thing works. I'll miss the safety of the light. Don't want to be roadkill on the quest for chocolate.

Klynn said...

TJ will be manning the front door and passing out the chocolate, and likely sneaking some for herself, even though she's been forbidden to, due to a terrible report card.

Bob and I will be escorting the Boog around our bountiful neighborhood. The past two years, it's been a veritable cornucopia, and we usually only go around the block. Now that Boog is bigger, we may venture farther, as long as our stamina holds out, or until the treat bag is full.

Boog will be dressed as "Dash" from the !ncredibles. At least that's what he thinks it is. We went to the D!sney store and ended up having to buy the Jack-Jack costume because the Dash one was too big. I just hope that we can keep up with him, because a 2 1/2 year old under the impression that he's Dash and can run very very fast is hard to convince that walking is preferable.

Just remember that each mini-chocolate that you ingest means another few blocks that you and Norma must walk to keep it from migrating to your thighs...but in the spirit of the season...you don't have to start counting them until tomorrow. :-)

Kellie said...

Oh I wish we still trick or treated!! I do so miss the fun of coming home and dumping the lot on the floor and dividing it all up. I haven't had bottlecaps in YEARS. They were my favorite.