Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's called Polite Parent Arm

And trick or treating parents can make a claim annually on November 1.

Kid goes up and, if he's mine, tentatively rings the doorbell, stands and waits, rings again for a longer time, waits more, sees moving shadows through the morphy glass door, and is finally given his prize after he whispers, "Trick or Treat" and then follows up with "thank you." If the homeowner is really lucky, they hear the Darth Vader heavy breathing audio device from the fancy black penis head. Then there's always a glance to the street by the magical candy provider and in return there's always an obligatory mouthed, "thank you," and a Polite Parent Wave, hence the disability after 300 homes.

Okay, not quite that many homes, but I actually encouraged additional homes so I could walk more. (Are you falling for that?) His stash filled my biggest bowl. Makes me very glad I had my bloodwork done for cholesterol etc yesterday instead of today.

We drove to the same neighborhood trough we've rooted through for the last three years.

"Eh?," you say, "Isn't that right near P's old neighborhood?"

"Yup," I reply, as I was knowingly secure that P wouldn't be there and that this place puts out the good loot. Family-friendly with well-lit streets and good sidewalks, they are generous, have great displays, put together haunted house garages/tents, and give name brand candy.

I was, however, reminded of the days of L with all the goth wear of the teenagers, something that is much less common in my normal haunts, so I'd largely put the attire from Hot T0pic out of my mind. I'll never forget three Halloweens ago, her fresh from a week in the psych hospital and all of us squirrely and concerned, walking on egg shells. P called me as I was driving there, because she wanted me to go to the store to buy her some fake blood, which I did. She gleefully slathered it all over her arms, legs, and t-shirt. Although she pleaded, P would not allow her to bring the butcher's knife. While I'm not entirely sure of her costume's label, I believe I can safely refer to it as Modern Suicidal Gesture Goth Teenager Compilation sans Weapon circa 2004 .

Life goes on. Sometimes it's a trick, sometimes a treat.


DD said...

It took my son almost 4 houses before he would even say TNT, and I had to ring the doorbell on every house because of his shyness.

And yes, the Polite Parent Wave. Not much difference between that and a pageant wave, now is there?

Val said...

**Snort** we didn't make that big a haul this year, but then again how can I complain?
It's only been 5 yrs since I've been able to take MY little ninja trick-or-treating! (not that I'm bitter, oh no) Halloween just kept on a-fallin' on the wrong damn nights that's all...
Zach's also recovering from some sort of mystery fever, going to the pediatrician this PM to avoid flak from ex, but that's a rant for another day ain't it???
Enjoyed your post Cricket,
luv Val