Friday, November 17, 2006

Weekend visuals

Of minimal importance to world peace, but, man, was this index entertaining! I looked at almost every one. NSFW or K(ids)
Have a great weekend.
Who is your favorite?

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Kellie said...

I needed that - you know since I can't have one for 6 weeks, I might as well look at them!

Even his images weren't the greatest - Ewan McGregor does it for me. I adore him. Cillian Murphy is a doll also. I told you I like the "imports".

Thanks for sharing!

Cricket said...

I really like Ewan McGregor, but I'd missed him on the list before. For a relatively little guy, he's hung like a horse.

I like George Clooney's ass. Okay, I'd like to see more, but settling on his ass isn't settling.

I wish there'd been one of Val Kilmer.

And Gael Garcia Bernal.