Monday, November 20, 2006

Visuals from the weekend

Luke and I saw 007 on Saturday night. Stellar and deserving of 95% + on Rotten Tomatoes. It was so crisp and gritty. Danie1 Cr@ig wasn't the wussy, awkward type that the media had falsely portrayed when his role in this movie was announced. He was perfect, sexy in an nontraditional way.

I wasn't so crazy about the love interest, Eva Green. I didn't see her deserving of the exaltation to Bond Girl status, but she a good job as an actress. I really didn't understand her at the end, though, but that's a script thing.

For earlier on Saturday, Luke had wanted to do some sightseeing, my choice. I took him to my favorite small museum. The exhibit was unique and we were both glad to have seen it. Then we went down the block to a large art museum I had not visited before. For him claiming to not know anything about art, he had keen powers of observation. Plus, he listened when I tried to teach him some art history. I really appreciated that.

In between the museums and movie, he wanted to make a stop on a government installation. With me not having a military id card or my vehicle registered, we had to stop and get a visitor's pass. Of course, the guard felt like my proof of insurance was too old (it was), so he said I'd need it faxed on a Saturday evening from my insurance company. Yeah, right. Luke got on the phone with my insurance and it got ugly. Then it got uglier. He didn't like my behavior, but he had not come clean with what had happened on the phone, so I didn't have all the facts at my disposal. He also didn't quite understand how much I really despise military things.

Later, when he brought it up to discuss (b/c the guy can't let anything rest), I asked him to see my dynamic - long time military wife w/a marriage ruined by the "mistress" of her husband's job and gyped out of retirement in the process, who feels accosted when trying to enter a military installation. So, when I say "I fucking hate this shit," it is not based on a single incident or a lack of exposure. I've hated this shit for years. In fact, over the last four + years, if I were approached by a military guy, I'd turn tail and run. Luke is a first there and he had to prove a lot to me to get there.

The military lifestyle is a hot button to me pushed too easily. I had told him these things, but he had not seen them in action. Plus, he doesn't blame me for feeling like I do, not in the least, he just didn't like my reaction to that "fucking shit." BTW, we never made it on the base, because the insurance phone directory led nowhere and I wasn't willing to go through all that again with the grocery store closing momentarily anyway. That was another bad choice on his part; the stop was superfluous, frustration unnecessary.

Do you know that when you enter a military post and, depending on the whim of our color coded American life, that when they make you open all the doors/hood to your vehicle, it is done only under the convenient guise of terro.rism? We are actually sheep, baaing 'yes sir' to the little man with all the power while he is actually looking for loose hand guns or other weapons. It's not terror1sts they're after; it's instead a 'free' ticket for them to search you, the law abiding citizen. It is a complete affront to me and my civil liberties. One could say that one should choose not to go on a military base, however, in another hot button issue to me, scouts do their camps on military bases, so parents and volunteers have no choice but to be subjected to it.

Luke is well versed on all these matters with his previous positions. He simultaneously is adamantly anti-war and later constructively expressed to me that I put my energies about government intrusion into something more constructive in that venue and do it along side him. Good resolution.

We had another heated discussion after the movie concerning our kids, but I'll save that for another day. Suffice it to say that we, the hard headed couple, really do take direction well from one another. We discuss and generally resolve without lingering feelings of disdain.

Oh, and I went to church on Sunday with him. I thought the sermon was entertaining fluff (it was actually based on Earl's notion of karma), but Luke said he heard nothing he could grab hold to. Typical. We didn't fight too much about it, but he needs to realize that if he wants me to suck it up and go to church with him, he fucking better like it.

Another oh. He's trying to get me to quit cussing. I am shaking my head.

Ending on an up note: Luke, who'd heard me refer to Uncle Fest3r, asked me which character he might be, I immediately replied P3pe L3Pew. He didn't seem to mind, so it'll have to be one of the things I get him for Xmas. I began calling him P3pe.


Kellie said...

Would you believe I've never been on a miliarty base? Doesn't sound like I'm missing much.

Sounds like an interesting weekend.

Anonymous said...

I freaking hate military bases. I hate military ID cards. I hate military grocery stores and the fact that you can't bring someone without a freaking ID card into most of them. I hate hate hate the fact that when I stood guard duty I had to salute the officer's wives and 16 year old kids.

So I feel ya.

brite69 said...

Ugh. I fucking HATE the military. Not the soldiers cuzz they're not the ones that fucked me over. When my ex-husband was in the Army, I went to have our taxes filed cuzz I am lazy and refuse to do it on my own. (Mostly cuzz I'm scared I'll make a huge mistake.) Anyway, I had to mail them to him to sign and then he would send them in to the IRS. It took 10 times of sending it priority mail (the first time it wasn't delivered, I wanted proof of who signed for it) I was able to get a hold of someone at the Pentagon. Yeah... We had to go through a whole ordeal with special gaurds hand delivering it to the ex. THAT was nifty. There was also all the bullshit that happened when he tried to add me to the checking account the Army set up for him since they did away with paper checks. I couldn't access ANY of his paycheck for 4 months. Western Union had my shit memorized. >_<

And, uh, good luck with that swearing thing! Bahahaa!

Anonymous said...

how much of cricket churping is happening here? Nyways i'll take this churping. no probs. Gotta watch bond man...

Ron Southern said...

Is there anyone on earth more elegant than Pepe Lepew? I think not.