Friday, November 17, 2006

ABCs of me

[A is for age:] 44

[B is for beer of choice:] Sam Adams, if not Guinness Half and Half

[C is for career:] Mostly mother, often volunteer, artist in passing lately

[D is for favorite Drink] Black Russian

[E is for essential item you use everyday:] Toothbrush

[F is for favorite song at the moment:] Hello It's Me, Todd Rund.gren, from 1972 has held that spot ever since I got my old analog clock radio for Xmas and would stay up all night listening to music. I learned that I cannot fall asleep to music.

[G is for favorite game:] Yahtzee, which my son and I have been playing a lot lately - it's how I learned math, so he can, too. I always hear echoes of my grandmother grumbling, "those damn twos." Or alternatively Trouble. Or Connect Four. Or Monopoly. We're board game people around here.

[H is for hometown:] yes, I have one or three

[I is for instruments you play:] When I was a kid, I took clarinet for a year, then the accordion for two years. I still have the accordion and sometimes it comes out to be squawked at Xmas.

[J is for favorite juice:] orange - I have an orange juice gulp reflex and it takes all my will power to not down the entire glass thing immediately.

[K is for kids?:] one son

[L is for last kiss?:] juvenile and wet with a big fishy pucker, just a bit ago

[M is for marriage:] once, but no longer, yet dating a man married three times, who swears against it happening again while simultaneously admitting he said that the last time - whatever - I don't need a ring - and I don't need to even be thinking of such

[N is for full name:] Cricket Cricketson, if you must

[O is for overnight hospital stays:] As an asthmatic kid, I stayed in an oxygen tent for a week when I was in K. When I was about 30, I stayed a week because of a myriad of symptoms that were not given a diagnosis, except to say I learned I had endo six months later. Then I had a few days in the hospital when my son was born.

[P is for phobias:] none

[Q is for quote:] "You're not very bright. I like that in a man." Kathleen Turner to William Hurt in Body Heat [which is in direct contrast to how I feel, to be clear]

[R is for biggest regret:] I waited too long to have children, okay, back that up a bit... married the wrong guy.

[S is for sports:] tennis, football, baseball

[T is for time you wake up:] 8:20

[U is for color underwear:] usually yes and all my favorites are blue

[V is for vegetable you love:] spinach if cooked in something like artichoke dip or spoon bread

[W is for worst habit:] picking

[X is for x-rays you've had:] mouth, neck, lungs, arm/wrist, CAT abdomen x2, BE, IVP, HSG, trying desperately to avoid another round of colon invasions

[Y is for yummy food you make:] I make a stellar turkey.

[Z is for zodiac sign:] Leo, although I am not very fussy about my hair

What about you? What are your ABCs? Link to yours here.


DD said...

Hey, long time, no?

I would like a raincheck for this one as I'm still trying to keep myself from beating the next living person into nothing more than a bug-splat.

Man. I'm really enjoying my coffee this morning.

Anonymous said...

here is mine
Baggage's ABCs

Kellie said...

Cool - I'll do this one this weekend. I already posted today and I'm trying to not be a post slut anymore. :)

brite69 said...

Here ya go!

Just for you. ~_^

Kellie said...

As promised.

DD said...

HA! I did it. I bet you thought I wouldn't.

(hey, I don't think I know how to create a link in comments...WTF?)