Friday, November 03, 2006

Top that

Yeah, five and a half.

I thought last night would be a typical phone call. I waited until after Earl (I actually watched TV and planned my evening around something on TV like a normal American) and, according to plan, called after I got my son in bed. I didn't expect to go until 2:30 or to be awake past 4. Me, a non-phone person on the phone so long. Him, commuting, working, with a doctor's appt at 8am. Ridiculous already.

So he booked me for both Friday and Saturday nights. What a pleasant turn of events.

I couldn't begin to relate all we discussed, some good , some bad. He and I are both pretty staunch about our belief systems, but they seem to mesh pretty well. Amazingly well. It's good to know his brain this way. He's a red blooded guy who actually thinks. He asked me what would be a deal breaker, a concept that is vital and fascinating to me since dating Sal, the Middle Eastern guy from a few years ago, who chided that it doesn't matter there are 20 good reasons that you need/want a Mercedes, it doesn't matter if that you don't have the money. In this situation, I said that first off, a guy who attends a Bible study each Wednesday night when I only have Wednesday nights and every other weekend off is a deal breaker. He immediately said he'd find another class.

The night before he'd wondered if my son wanted to go to church would I take him. I said that he's exposed a bit through scouts, that he asks questions sometimes, and that I only recently admitted that I don't believe in God as a result of him pestering me about celebrating Xmas. However, if he wanted to go to church, ex has him just as many weekends as I do, so ex could take him. I am certainly not against my son finding his own way. In fact, he'll be a much stronger person for knowing views, even if he discards them down the road.

I had not discussed infertility on purpose, but he did ask if I'm on the pill. I said I'm not, so he spoke about protection for some time down the road if we are a we. (It's difficult to convey this conversation without it sounding abrupt or crass, because it wasn't.) With me not being on the pill, he asked if I wanted more children. I said I tried for the better part of eight years and it didn't happen, although I would love if it did. For it to happen now, it would take intervention like IVF and that's very difficult on a system and a couple. Of course, he replied with the classic guy response about being quite virile. I countered, "Okay, Mr. Super Sperm, think what you might, but I've tried a long time without success, so don't assume you could change that," and he got the message to shut up. Anyway, it was almost odd that he seemed to raise it as a possibility, kind of left the door open. Even though he's a little older than me, he has two sons younger than mine, is an involved father, and really likes kids, so I don't think it'd be out of the realm for him to want more. Of course, I am truly trying to get over this issue, thinking it would never come up again as I age (ever so gracefully).

Norma would say, "Take it slow. Take it slow," but I'll admit that I figure to get horizontal tomorrow, although I will try to show restraint. I have an excuse: I have an appt to donate blood, so I'll be a cheap drunk. If I allow myself to paint my toenails beforehand... then maybe I'll reveal them. I like spontaneous sex so much more than premeditated sex.

I realize I don't have a name for him yet. Will work on that over the weekend.

I have a lot of other stuff on my plate, stuff I haven't sorted yet, stuff making my stomach turn. And Kellie's news has kicked me in the gut; I care about her well-being so very much. Go check on her.

This article just made me sad, especially the punch line at the end. Whoop, there it is!

I think I'm due for a diversion and some good loving.

Okay, I'll update here on the sperm thing, because we just finished a three hour phone conversation. (Jeez, I hope he pans out tonight.)

I didn't push this. He brought it up. He's dated a cup twice. The first doctor marveled at his specimen, said specifically he was the most fertile man he'd ever seen. The doctor said motility, of course, decreases over time after ejaculation and that his recent but transported sample was so good that it was like fresh, plus his took a very long time to die. His are spirited and hearty boys, my words. So, he has a basis for his fertility claim. It wasn't just testosterone or boasting. He has a good brand. However, I'm still not clear if he's saying this on the offense or the defense.

PS - I think I'll name him Luke. For all the babies I'll never have, it is kind of fun naming my dates.


DD said...

I think it's comical how every man thinks he has super sperm, like it's a measure of manhood. Blah.

I was just sick after reading about Kellie. I haven't been able to stop thinking of her and her family.

Anonymous said...

What is it with men thinking their sperm can bust through everything.

This is exciting! Have you seen his picture???

Klynn said...

Good luck with 'Lucky Luke'. Hope you have a good time. Long phone conversations, similar interests...sounds promising.

Shinny said...

Good luck with Luke, may the force be with you. Sorry, I couldn't stop myself. ;)

Kellie said...

Thank you Cricket. I'll be ok, between my amazing family and my wonderful friends - it's all good. Uterus - shmuterus, who needs em?!

Luke sounds awesome. I'm impressed with his cup revelations. Sounds like there is some potential there.