Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I pulled out the watercolors and did an angel painting. Instead of looking sad like my mother's interpretation of the sketch, this one looks like she has a sense of humor, I hope. I think her expression is pretty motherly, as in chiding while laughing at a child.

I have a kinda elegant off white mat that suits it. This is 8x6 and the frame w/mat will be 12x8.

I would like to work a little more on the wings, but I don't know what. Suggestions welcomed on that and all else. Although it doesn't show up here, I did use irridescent medium on the halo and wings.

I have never done a watercolor portrait before. Portraits are so hard to do, something I was not able to convince my mother of on the phone because she enthusiastically, yet wrongly, thinks I can do anything. Overall, this is only my fourth portrait ever. It resembles my mother a little, not much. The hair is smaller per her request, so perhaps she'll be happy.

Fat chance.


Click to enlarge. It makes a difference.


Anonymous said...

The eye of the person making the request, will, very rarely, be the same eye of the artist.

your rendering is lovely.

have no fear should your mother still be unsatisfied

You are very talented, regardless

DD said...

For me, having a degree in art, I am constantly asked to do things like this for my family. Doing so has nothing to do with the talent involved (you've done wonderfully!), it has to do with the willingness. She should be thrilled with how it looks because YOU did it.

It's more than I would have.

Anonymous said...

That is really cool!

Kellie said...

I love it! I wouldn't change the wings at all. I always found water colors hard to work with - you did a great job.

I have caught up now... I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!