Thursday, November 02, 2006

Five hours

That's how long we talked. I've never had that happen before. Ha! I'm not even a phone person.

We communicated by email a little bit over the last week, then we talked last evening (and into this morning) for five hours. After a while, he would routinely say that we should have just met up for some coffee, whilst he lamented the missed opportunity, whilst he kept talking. We live less than twenty minutes apart.

He thinks we're very much alike in the way we think and approach things. I tend to agree. He's so perceptive and knew exactly when I, the artful dodger, was side-stepping, then he was willing to call me on it in a way I didn't mind.

We'll go out some time this weekend.

There are lots of pros and likenesses, but I think a con might be his new found interest in being a religious sponge, even as he understood and respected completely my lack of religious conviction in a mutual respect kind of way.

And a potential con is that he is actively seeking a long term mate. While I'm not one for dating around exactly, I'm not sure I am prepared for the responsibility and commitment that a real relationship would require. Nor am I sure I'm not ready. Each relationship is so different. When, after almost five hours he asked that specifically, I told him that I have no idea.

I now wonder to myself how one really know unless one experiences another person for a while? What if longing for the long term hurts too much and it's easier to put it out of your mind and deny it, much like me not petting others' babies for the last eight years?

What I do know is that I have sown my oats. I just don't want to feel put out to pasture, but with a special person being tied down doesn't feel like being tied down. I want comfort and comfortable. This guy is so interesting - intellectual yet approachable, conversational yet a good listener - and sensitive in a positive way that I could see long term with him not getting boring. Now to meet and dig out his dark side.

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