Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Getting my way

When Luke said he wanted to see sights around town, I asked what he might like to see. He said that more than anything he wanted to see what I had not yet seen, but really wanted to. [melt]

That's what led us to the art gallery on Saturday. I have a few more of them I've ignored too long. There are also a number of museums I've yet to take in. He said that if they're kid-oriented, we should save them for when his kids visit, but he'll see the more mature ones with me.

Honestly, I could take the man to the poor house for all the activities I want. I've warned him of as much.

This weekend, we're doing something I have wanted desperately to do for many, many years. We're going to a famous ballet put on by a famous company at a famous place. I've only been to one other real ballet, Swan Lake over a decade ago. For this one, I've seen it in live action on stage and even in puppets. My son even has a computer program of it. Now I will see this piece the real way.

It is the best gift he could have given me. Xmas has come in a little Lat1n package.

Happy Thanksgiving, people. I'm cooking. Grub is at Luke's. My son is with his father, Norma's is with his father, so I'm trying to get her to come to Luke's, too. It'd be good to walk after a big dinner.

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Kellie said...

He sounds like a keeper! Happy Thanksgiving Cricket.