Saturday, October 07, 2006

Speaking of which

I just talked about Hedwig, confusing sexuality, and the vision of John Came.ron Mit.chell.

I obsess about Jason Lee and, over the last few weeks, have absorbed (yuck, that sounds like a bad thing) the first season of My Name is Earl.

The two worlds collided on Disc #4 this weekend.

Remember the girl with the BB in her ass episode of Earl? The girl who was a court artist who would do no child portraits? The girl who was Earl's youth-time crush?

She is Shor, the gender-defying girl/boyfriend in Hedwig.

Small world.

[If anyone wants to explain about the gender/sex PC thing about which I missed the memo, please give me a primer, although I do have a gender/sex-questionable unherma.phrodite cousin so am familiar in that direct sense. Some time back, I caught on about the objectionable Oriental vs. Asian label, but I think the sex thing must be similar and pissing somebody off somewhere. In other words, I read Bitch Ph.D. and sometimes it just plain goes over my head. I'm a simple short bus rider. I have no water cooler for reference.] [Are you catching my Earlesqueness?]

BTW, I highly recommend Earl's Disc #4 for all the Bonus Features, good behind the scenes and background stuff. Jason Lee parodies himself, Earl, his movie star image. Swoon. He makes me laugh. I do prefer him clean shaven, though.

Great guest actors, too: Adam Gold.berg, Timothy Olyp.hant, Juliette


Orange said...

I think sex is more a biological designation, whereas gender is considered the broader sociological/personal/emotional/identity thang. Gender, then, isn't necessarily dependent on one's biological/chromosomal sex—if you have the organs and chromosomes of one sex but identify yourself as the other, then that's a gender identity issue. Or something like that...

Cricket said...

Gotcha. It's the difference between connotation and denotation. Thanks.