Sunday, July 01, 2007

What else would I be doing?

I have the home appraisal for my refi at 8am. So I am typing a post instead of cleaning, rationalizing that I couldn't get much done anyway.

Last night I had my third date with eHar. I guess I should give him a name. Chris. That's a good name.

Chris is a very nice person, very polite, good listener. I enjoy his company.

He has an ex-wife after a ten year relationship and an ex-girlfriend from a six year relationship. The last one is what plays with his head and pocketbook as they bought stuff together, as in a house and car.

While he has been hit with some hard times, he is relatively smooth. Having the car which is in his name would help tremendously as well.

Last night was the first time I spoke of P or Ted and I filled in some details. Chris was incredulous. For one thing, he thinks the tie is meaningful. In his past life, Chris was a pathological liar, so he could see the lies of P and the warpedness of Ted, too. It was good talking to him. His AA status actually lends so much self awareness that he so much better a person for it. He is very grounded.

Last week, I sent him a link to my art website. I am amazed at how impressed he is by it. He likes very much that I have my own style and equates it to his own language of analogies in music. He says a guy might be technically proficient playing covers on guitar and execute every song perfectly, but unless he does so with his own mark on them, he is nothing more than a robot. He thinks I have a great style and that it is very distinct. When I asked him how he would describe this style, he said he didn't know the art words for it. So, of course, I put words in his mouth, or at least explained how I see it. My work has a lot of movement and the flow between objects helps create it.

Anyway, it is nice to be listened to and for someone to rave a little about my work. I remember with both P and ex, I would hear, "Of course it's good. You did it," which helped me very little and isn't especially positive. Pat pat pat on the head.

So things are going well on the Chris front. He's yet to kiss me. His barometer about what's appropriate in dating is broken. Well, mine always has been. I kept talking during the lean in, so it became a hug. I need to fix that brain-mouth wiring.


carolinagirl79 said...


email me at carolinagirls AT for all the armour details. It's early, but man am I encouraged!

Ron Southern said...

Be careful of talking too much, you and "Chris" both! What I wouldn't give for a kiss with someone I cared for!

Cricket said...

It's been a lifelong habit - too nervous for a first kiss to happen smoothly ro with ease. I could probably be misunderstood as unaffectionate. Ha! What a ruse!