Tuesday, August 07, 2007

As I clean off my camera's memory before our trip...

here are tree pictures from last week. You can plainly see the roots lifting, shadows beneath. This is evidence for the HOA in case they dispute my emergency status for hacking the tree.

It wasn't the most beautiful tree, but I liked it. I haven't taken post/comparison pictures yet.

The yard looks barren to me. Ha! Barren! From being too pregnant!

The stump was removed today. My, that was a scary machine. I guess the hysterectomy, so to speak, is complete.

For your reference, I'm waving at cha from the upper left window, the office. Hellooo!

On the far left, you can see the posts we had replaced. Now there's a fence in that section!
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DD said...

Do you think you will plant something there in its place or is the root system just too dense for something else to grow?

I can see why you enjoyed it's shielding affect.

Sidenote: I actually opened up the picture in maximum size wondering if I could see you in the window when I realized that *durrr*, you too the picture.

Ron Southern said...

Next photo we'll be able to see you in the window!

What's the matter with you, every time I turn around you have two more churps?! Are you maniacal or what? I think you may be the all-time long-time-talker in the blogs that I know!

Anonymous said...

What a nice that was. Too bad.
Hope you have a nice visit with your momma!