Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We interrupt this SeaWorld series

to proclaim the brilliance of my son, now proved empirically.

He got his third grade state tests and he scored in the exceptional range for all four categories. Remember how much I pushed him to study the tests online? Well, he had it in him.

At the end of school, he was finally chosen for the gifted program in math for next year, but this proves he should go for reading as well. (What a statement for a kid who struggled so two years ago!) Or instead of the pull out version of gifted, he should be in the big gun immersion classroom and get it all the time, to include history/social studies and science (100% on that one!)

Now I have the numbers in my clammy little hands. The principal needs to watch out for Mom on a Mission!


Anonymous said...

news that makes a mama's heart sing. Fantastic!

Shinny said...

That is great news. Congratulations J and Mommy! Good job on pushing him and having it work out. Want to come have a talk with my red-head now? ;)