Saturday, August 04, 2007

My week

I chose to email Chris and got one in return the same day. He's freaked about work. He says he doesn't mind that he wasn't chosen to be boss, but he thinks the guy they chose is wholly inadequate, particularly in the realm of negotiating for raises with management. He is also in turmoil that his ex is moving out of state and they have a lot to straighten their affairs before she leaves. Further, many of his AA cronies seem to be in crisis. In the first line of his message, he called himself Mr. Disappearing Act and he's right. I think it's time to play Ms. Disappearing Act. He's being stupid and can't take a corrective hint; he's just not ready. I believe he stays in a tizzy and there's no room for me there, although he definitely thinks he's ready to date. So much for a dash of normalcy in his life. Poor guy. I would have been good for him.

For my birthday, I joined a dating site. I emailed two men and heard from one. We'll see.

I'm going to a singles cook out tonight and I think it'll bring my own brand of drama. I'm sure Ted will be there and I anticipate being picked on just as the braided school girl gets her pig tail dipped in ink by the immature boy seeking attention. I will try to calmly avoid him like I tried to last time, but I don't anticipate it working. Also, the guy friend Ted broke up with because of politics will definitely be there. Although I'm not sure if Ted knows it yet, Henry bought a grand new house very close to Ted, as if Ted wasn't already jealous enough of Henry and his toys.

And to what's mainly been occupying fence. Last Friday when ex was picking up our son for the week, I asked if he had a post hole digger. The HOA cited me to repair my fence by mid August. I was going to do a temporary yet sturdy fix like I'd done to a couple other posts. With ex, the concept evolved into a full fledged fence. He had the week off for vacation, then cancelled their plans for lack of funds, so he was free. I have an end unit townhouse, so there's a decent amount of fence. We're about 2/3 finished. All the posts are in - with 80lbs of concrete per hole no less. This fence will withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

The day we began the fence I discovered something that breaks my heart a bit. I went to turn on the spigot to mix concrete and noticed the ground was spongy. Then I noticed daylight UNDER the roots of my apple tree. My wonderful, aged, despised-by-the neighbors source of shade and privacy was so laden with fruit that it was uprooting itself tilting over. I cleared the parking lot near it, called the HOA to tell them I had an emergency situation and was reminded again how their thumb is up their ass, finally found an outfit at 2pm that would do a same day inspection, and lucked into them cutting it down with full clean up by 7pm. Amazing turn of events. Good thing for the refi to cover the fence and the tree. Stump comes out next week. Total:$425, not bad actually considering how it could have gone with it being a homeowner's claim and put upon neighbors with dented cars. As it stands, my living room is receiving much needed additional light, but I'd much prefer the tree. I miss my tree. It looks ghetto outside being so flat and barren.

So how have you been? I would love to hear as summer winds down.

One other thing, another bit that breaks my heart a little. If I feel like I am continuing this conversation alone, as I do not find it satisfying to talk to myself, I will stop blogging soon. I am almost to that point now, only posting once each week. Thanks to the two or three of you who do comment out of my three or four dozen subscribers. Kisses.


Anonymous said...

'm sorry, I'm here. I know ex is an ex but I like that he does stuff with and for you. It gives me hope. Dating sucks, my self esteem cannot take another hit......twiddling my thumbs in unison with you.

Ron Southern said...

Kisses?! I'd jazz with you more if I thought I could get kisses!!! I am busy chasing phantom cuties all across the Internet, you know? I'm just hanging around, waiting for you to give up on men. Then I'll swoop in and sweep you up! I guess that dating is traumatic, though. Fuck...

Anonymous said...

Boy, you are lucky to have such a nice ex-husband. Wish mine could be like him.
No blogging! Why?
You are a daily read for me.
I wondered where you have been this week.
I enjoy yours immensley.
Dating, ick!
You go through alot of idiots before you find the right one.
Hang in there!
He is there somewhere looking for you too!

DD said...

You're mixing up the concrete yourself?? You are insane!

We weren't in our other house long enough to have to remove any plantings, but shortly after we sold the house the new owners cut down my boston ivy and a maple tree. I was terribly upset even though it wasn't my house anymore.

You know you can't quit blogging. It's in your blood.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, CRICKET!!!! I'd give you a birthday spanking if I lived closer.

Well-heeled mom said...

Oh how I hate to lose a mature tree. It's so sad - and with our afternoon sun blazing into my living room window, what I wouldn't give for a mature tree on my five year old lot!

Some fencing in our immediate future as well.

I'd miss you.

Shinny said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I completely blanked on that one. You are one of MY few commenters these days so I should be taking better care of the few lovelies who still stop by.
Your ex sounds like he is nicer now then when you were married, how weird is that? Well, you got a fence and a beautiful son out of him, right? ;)

Dee said...

Happy belated birthday! Sorry for the radio silence on my end when I stop by. Sorry to hear about the loss of your here in development-crazy south Florida, I'd give anything for a few old established trees on my property of the lovely variety.

brite69 said...

Ok, so I'm late, as per my usual, but I am here and reading. Matter of fact, I have read everything on this page today. I went on a mini-internet hiatus when I finally had a few days off work.

I wish my ex-husband had half the initiative while we were married that your ex-husband has now. Hell, if he'd get off his ass to do anything for me or our son that hasn't been court ordered would be a miracle. Bah.

And, I must say, I am amazed that he leaned in for a kiss as you were saying goodbye to everyone at the BBQ. Even if it was simply a friendly gesture, that takes balls. Well, in my opinion, at least.

brite69 said...

OH! And Happy Belated Birthday from me, as well. Hope it was a good one!