Monday, August 27, 2007

Perhaps an answer

I finally started the antibiotic for BV yesterday; this spontaneous recurrence is a pain. Wish I had the other cause; it sure would be more fun.

I've been awake for hours because of the severe, bone shaking night sweats. I am about tired of drenched body and sheets (since December, I think? I was on antibiotics then, too), but maybe this time it was a backlash to the antibiotics, so actually a good thing. We'll see how it goes this week. I got the seven day regimine this time.

More later.

BTW, I was stealing bandwidth for my cricket box in the About Me. I guess they were on to it over the weekend. Sorry hosting people in Denmark. Now I've just outright "borrowed" the image. Don't know which is better or worse.

I have other images in the hopper, even ones I've taken. Maybe I'll switch to one of those. Or maybe one of my own paintings, although none are particularly cricket-y.

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