Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Feature: Thongue-tied Thursday


Aunt Becky said...


Shinny said...

That couch in the first picture looks exactly like the couch I got from my grandparents house that I just recovered this spring. We have a picture of my mom, grandma and me as a baby sitting on that couch almost exactly like that picture. That is scarey weird.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures.
Wish you lived closer, like California!
We could hang out with our sons!

Anonymous said...

I always like looking at people's old black and white photos. The styles of everything are always different.
May I ask...who is in the photo?

Cricket said...

I was 1 month old, being held by my 38yo grandmother and 15yo aunt. My parents were barely 21 when I was born. They're my father's family. She's my last remaining grandparent. Only a year ago, I had 3.