Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On the flip side

The irony does not escape me that an armed security guard at a CHURCH took out a gunman. She is the personal security guard for the PREACHER!

The "positive" of this story baffles me more than a bit.


I_Sell_Books said...

ZOMG that's what I was thinking!! Who the hell needs security at a church!?


Ron Southern said...

The next day I heard that the gunman offed himself after the woman security guard shot him. I despair of ever hearing the truth from any of the media.

Cricket said...

I think it was a glam story that a chick did the shooting. That's what they wanted to capitalize on. Oh, don't forget her dire circumstances - 3 days of (voluntary) fasting made her weak, BUT SHE STILL PREVAILED! Hurray for the gun toting churchwoman!