Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, shucks

I was just getting my blubbery goodness in gear to declare and write some New Year's resolutions (math for J and cookies for me), when Norma came to the door kindly bearing a tub full of cookies. Ug. I was trying to gather some fledgling will power and it's been dashed. I was visibly distressed. She said to eat some today as an EOY celebration. Yeah, I could eat a dozen over the course of a day, I could. And that's just the point. My goal isn't to not have cookies all year, it's to have self control about them. However, I went to Subway yesterday and turned my back on the cookies for that trip. I was proud.

So here's to my last hurrah on cookies. I'm sure my son will help me enforce it tomorrow.

And to J's desire to pull up his failing math grade past the C he got it to a mid-term. I can't believe that that's the first thing to pop in his mind, but I'm proud of his intentions.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from me too. I'm wondering if I'm going to manage some sort of post welcoming in the new year. so far I'm coming up empty!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!

And, what kind of cookies?

Aunt Becky said...

Happy New Year, darlin'.

Hope 2008 rocks everyone's socks off.

(in a good way)

Cricket said...

Norma brought over pb/kisses cookies, which thankfully are not my faves. I do love the choc chips she brought, but haven't had any today!! I think there were mostly the pb/kisses ones, thank goodness.

She also had a few hand fulls of kisses with the cookies. I want to throw the whole bunch away.