Tuesday, January 22, 2008


OMG! She is a LUV-A-PUNKIN, which is my highest order of compliment.

I had a hard time locating her in the cages; there is one cat room with a couple dozen in it and I also got a tour of the sick room, which had 4 cats and two very friendly rabbits.

Finally found Pa.sha in the corner on the lower level in the dark. She looked to be cowering and fearful, then I opened up the cage. She came out and stayed on my lap for the next 15 minutes and it eventually took three tries to get her back in the cage. She didn't even try to poke around the room or step off my lap. She paced around on me, then found herself a comfy spot. She purred and was absolutely attentive and loving. She has part of her ear missing, like someone took a bite out of the tip. Very stylish.

The employee watching us thought that Pa.sha was my cat and I had been the one to surrender her last week. She literally acted like my cat.

Although it was very difficult, I did not look too closely at the other cats. They were gorgeous and sweet and deserved homes, too.

The process is involved. I have to bring J back tomorrow, because all family members have to meet the animal. I'm going to have to take him out of school to go over there.

I also have to bring the vet records for Sad!e, because they want records for all animals the last three years. I hope they don't look too hard at Sad!e's. I hope they're overwhelmed because hers printed over 10 pages, but they don't go back that far in time. I opted out of shots for her when she was about 9, because I'd read older cats don't need to continue shots. We'll see how that flies - a high kill shelter would rather kill a cat than give it to me because I discontinued shots on a geriatric cat who otherwise had excellent care? I hope not.

If J and Sad!e pass this hurdle tomorrow, we have to give them another 7-10 days before we can get her. Ridiculous and drawn out, but it's government work.

Speaking of which, I was expecting a facility that was run down and sad. There were no dripping ceilings or stench. It was a nice place and I didn't mind sitting on the floor to pet the kitty. There seemed to be way too many employees, but I guess they're doing their jobs, except in the adoption turn around arena.

Can't wait to tell my son when he gets home from school. Yesterday, he was all, "But Maaaa, we don't neeeeeed four cats. But if you reeeeally want it, I guess it's okaaaay."


Aunt Becky said...

Crossing my fingies for you!

Anonymous said...

good, do what you want--whatever pleases you. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I don't get all the hassles you have to go through.

I got both my cats and our dog at shelters and we were in and out within an hour each time. The only thing I had to prove, when I was renting, was that my landlord allowed the animal.

Why all the scrutiny?? It's insane.

brite69 said...

Yay new kitty! I hope it all works out. With the way you said she took to you, I can't imagine her not taking just as well, if not better, to J.

Cricket said...

Thanks everybody.

Gianna, if I were renting, I'd have to show landlord approval and my lease. With me owning, they had to prove it, too - she actually went to the property records online while I was standing there.

Yeah, the hoops are ridiculous around here.

I got Sad!e at a shelter and was in and out in a few minutes, but that was not here.