Monday, January 21, 2008


The kitty transition is going well. Beau sneaked out of J's room last evening, very curious about the outside world. The way it went down, he was curious about getting out and Spence was very curious about checking him out. It worked out better than springing them on each other. Beau is a very confident kitten.

When he was winding down last night Beau chose J's bunk as his place to light. I had he and J sleep together again with the door closed. This morning, spats are decreasing and the tuxes are playing chase and reverse chase. I think Spence is getting a much needed work out.

Memph loved the Fancy Feast last evening and pretty much ate the whole can, which had been divided in three. His skin has been getting a winter flake, so I think he needs the extra oils. He has not minded too much when he's seen the kitten, although they haven't really interacted. I'll have to do the canned food again tonight and maybe they'll eat together this time.
It's nice J is out of school today; he's lapping up the kitty time.

Okay, kick me, but I am toying with the thought of another cat. I'd been watching CL and someone puts ads for animals in a local high kill shelter on there. There's a young, spayed female available, which means she has shots and less chance of diseases. She's an owner turn in, which means she only has 24 hours, although they seem to keep them longer when possible. Anyway, with it going well with Beau and Spence, maybe it would work to save this green-eyed black girl? Do kick me.


DD said...


You're only two cats away now from becoming a crazy cat lady.

Anonymous said...

I say go for it!! I would have at least a couple of more cats if we had a larger place and if my husband would go for it.

They really do need saving.

I have a couple of friends who tend to have between 4 and 5 cats at once throughout their lives and they are not crazy cat ladies.

A friend of mine out in the country where I live has 8 "barn" cats and two house cats.

these are all loving people who can't say no to a stray etc. Not crazy. Loving!

Aunt Becky said...

I can't kick you, duder, like to as I may. I'm the person with three cats (only three!) a dog, a bunny, a hedgehog, and a gecko. And two kids.

We live in a zoo. Hopefully we don't smell like one too.

brite69 said...

Never with the kicking when it comes to kitties! I am officially a Crazy Cat Lady if 5 is the limit like dd says (LOL) and I wouldn't be living up to my Crazy Cat Lady duties if I talked you out of it. :-P

Save the kitty!

Val said...

how could I kick you? We have 4 housecats ourselves, since Z sweet-talked me into bringing Calico Sparkle indoors!
Current population: 4 indoors, 4 barn cats
3 yard dogs, 1 house dog
8 horses, 2 mules, 2 goats, 3 donkeys, 1 steer!
Big feed bill!
[Bunny lives at grandma's so WE DON'T COUNT HER!]

Anonymous said...

as I have can take the ones I will not take...(sniff, sniff) Good luck and go with the gut feeling on want them, get them.

Nikki Neurotic said...

If you think you can handle having yet another kitten in the house...go for it.

Anonymous said...

Four? You are a braver woman than I would ever be.

My SIL's kitties get dry-- she gives them a can of sardines in olive oil a week, and puts a tbsp of olive or cod liver oil on their regular wet food-- seems to take care of it pretty quickly, and it cuts down on hairballs, to boot.