Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yada food yada cat yada

I weighed myself yesterday morning and am down 1.5lbs for the week, 3.5 total. I am presently 35% of the way toward my goal in only 27% of the time.

Except for the Chipotle salad, I haven't eaten out, which has helped. This weekend coming up will be a big test - it will involve beer and real food. I am meeting my best friend, Richard, in a beautiful town about two hours from here where he has a conference to attend.

2222222222222222222222222222222']]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]78uy12iu7*/ tHANKS, bEAU.

My goal is to behave in more way than one. We've had this thing for over 25 years. I am sleeping over at the hotel, but I am bringing my gawd awful Porky Pig jammies as insurance.

I saw an interesting article in USA Today concerning better ways to eat out, comparisons of meals at the same restaurant. The book is called Eat This, Not That! Some of the superior choices were surprising, like a burger over a (large, oversized) grilled chicken at McD's.

I am seriously craving a big juicy burger at the place voted best burger by a local magazine each year. Yeah, plus fries with malt vinegar. OMG!!!

This entry from the book also stands out to me: Two slices of Oizza Hut THIN 'N' CRISPY HAM and PINEAPPLE PIZZA set you back 360 calories, 12g fat. Two slices of the Supreme pan pizza have 620 calories, 32g fat. I know I am going to need some pizza soon. Thin and light on the toppings makes it fairly manageable.

I should buy the book.

PS - We had a funny here yesterday morning. J went to the bus stop at his regular time and came home, saying he'd apparently missed the bus. It took a while to get my car cleaned/warmed, but I drove him, went to the school's front door, and it was locked. Duh! Happy MLK! We cudda slept in.

PPS - I'll assume the shelter was closed b/c of the holiday, as there was no answer a couple times, although I read afterward that they're so busy they don't answer the phone sometimes. I think the black female was relinquished there on Thursday, but I suspect they gave her the long weekend, not just 24 hours. Poor thing, she was adopted from there last March as a kitten and her owners would have had to know that she was going back to a high kill place. I'm driving over today to just see, although it is a hike. Am also bringing old towels, sheets, and blankets to donate.

I'll have to submit an application and they don't allow animals to go until a second visit after they do shots and fixing if needed. If I can get her, I am changing her name to Sylv.ie. It suits my female naming convention: Sassy, Sallie, and Sad!e; alternates are Steffi and Sukey. Hurray for Internet baby name sites. Didn't think I'd have a use for a site like that. If she is taken, I may consider another if it is fixed. It doesn't have to be black. I don't want to be the crazy cat witch lady. And if it's a boy, maybe Flet.cher or Yeag.er for the sons I never had. Gosh, I didn't have enough children for the names I want to use.


Nikki Neurotic said...

I've heard of the book, I might check it out as well as i like eating out (though, I very rarely eat fast food), and am usually at a loss as to what I should be eating.

Aunt Becky said...

I love to eat out, and am always amazed to learn what the "better" choices are. Thankfully, Weight Watchers lets me know, otherwise I would consistently make poor (er) choices.

Anonymous said...

I have altogether boycotted fast food. I will not, cannot, and have not eaten that garbage in years.

One way to kill McD's cravings is to sit in one of those places and not order anything. Take in the smell for a couple of hours and watch the other people in the place.