Friday, January 18, 2008

Diversions and possibilities

At a time when PMS-related comfort food and binges are off limits, I present the next best thing: Dale, Jr. Classic and Dale, Jr. Rock N Roll.

Gosh, I have a thing for baby goats and this delightful guy satisfied my craving.

I hope we get our own little warm fuzzy this weekend. I found a rescue outfit that doesn't require home visits or do SS-inspired inspections later. (Can you believe how many rescue organizations there are a around here?) We're going to see the kitties in a pet store tomorrow and they have about 6 that suit our needs. I have the application filled out and as long as they don't spring an exorbitant price or a complicated contract on me (some orgs have applications AND contracts), we're set. I'll be able to interview the foster parents and figure something out. One pair of brothers, who happen to be a black and tux just like our two, actually sleep with the teenaged son of the fosters; that's a real selling point to J.

Maybe a bonded two will prove better than one, a united front against Spence? Extra play! But then would that still leave Memph ripe for picking if the cats divide two and two? My heart is in the right place; I'm trying to do the right thing. Unhappy kitties are just sad all around, although Memph isn't completely unhappy. He is a real purr monster who demands, "Cack!," when he wants to be petted. But speaking of Monster... that's Spence's nickname.

Okay, the questioning, ruminating uncertainty that comes with me and PMS is striking hard. Deep breath. It will work out. I hate these bcps.

PS - I may or not weigh today as I was really munchy yesterday. I ate only stuff I consider to be on my diet, but I ate too much. And I probably have water gain.

PPS - I did break down and weigh - down .5lb for my half week split. I feel like I have worked very hard for a mere 2.5lbs gone, but I figure they wouldn't be gone if I hadn't have worked. I'll be looking for the water weight over the weekend.


Aunt Becky said...

I love the baby goats, too. I'm praying for the water weight to come off (I got discouraged and said an F-U to my diet for a day. Then I felt guilty today and went back on it today. I think I need therapy.) for you :)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the baby goat....I love them too. Some friend of mine raise goats. In the spring I've played with them when they were newly born and on.

brite69 said...

I want a baby goat. :-( They put the blocks back up in full force at work today, so no baby goats for me.

Good luck with the water weight!

Val said...

If there is anything on earth more precious than a baby goat, I don't know WHAT it is!!??!! (but baby donkeys are a close runner-up ;-)