Friday, January 25, 2008

Go Miss America!

Have you been watching Miss America: Reality Check on TLC? The last of four episodes is tonight on TLC. Tomorrow night is the Miss America Pageant.

I'm bummed that J will be at ex's tonight and we won't get to watch it together. I'm also (a little) bummed that I'll not be able to watch the pageant tomorrow night for drunken cavorting with Richard.

I remember as a kid gathering around the TV with my mother and sister to watch the pageants. My dad would sometimes show just so he could root for Miss SC.

We loved it when they started getting more technical with the judging and showing numbers. It was fun to watch and fun to see progress into fresh waters. That's why I do like the TLC show. I might not be fashionable, but I do appreciate Miss America being stylish.

I love crazy, inappropriate, ADD Miss Alaska. I became disappointed in the Army Officer Miss Utah, who showed she didn't play well with others. Miss Florida and Miss DC are brave with their obstacles. I wish they'd had time to profile each of them more fully.

Tell me how it goes.


Nikki Neurotic said...

I live not far from Atlantic City...where the pagent used too be held...but I never really got into the pagent. It's still cool though to travel to A.C. and see the memoribilia and other things they have around.

Brigitte Ballard said...

I used to watch it as a kid also! If I wasn't working this weekend I would try to watch it. /sigh

Anonymous said...

why don't you tape it and watch it with J and/or Richard later??

Where do you live Cricket? If you give that info away....I've been figuring for a while that we live in the same part of the country. Though as you know, right now I'm in CA.

Brigitte Ballard said...

Your welcome for the comment... and thanks back!

I should mention that there are THREE of us that post on my blog. Me and my two best pals.

I've just put you on my reader and am excited to see what you write next. HEHE.

dawn224 said...

who did win Miss America?