Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let the image do (most of) the talkin'

As if...

As Obese Population Rises, More Candidates Courting The Fat Vote

Have you seen Tom's freako video? Craig Fer.guson does Tom imitation.

Strange Heath Led.ger interview from the fall - his behavior is bizarre. What a loss.

Come to Mama, Baby. I'll whip you into shape.

J will meet her today in my second of three trips to another state to save this lap kitty.

Is this mattress genius or ridiculous?


DD said...

The mattress? It's a toss up between genius and ridiculous. I know I could make lots of jokes about what can get stuck in between. There are just some positions this wouldn't work with but the mental image is pretty funny.

Plus, what kind of sheets would you use?

Cricket said...

I think it is thin enough that a regular sheet would be blousy enough for it; t-shirt cotton sheets would be stretchy enough.

I have so much pain in my hips and shoulders when I sleep, I'd probably give it a try.

That said, just imagine the possibilities for wet dreams!

Anonymous said...

The mattress just creates more surface area to clean. Ugh.

I saw both the Tom Crazy and the CF videos-- CF at least had the benefit of being intentionally funny.

There is an award for you over at my place. : )

Anonymous said...

Got here randomly. How are you doing with the bloggy daily thing? I missed 3 days thus far. Oops.

The first video? You have GOT to be kidding me.

I saw the mattress pictures somewhere else and thought it was a bit ridiculous as well. That just leaves so much space/room to clean. And what could get stuck in there. Haha

Aunt Becky said...

I don't get that mattress. Not one bit.

Anonymous said...

Jerry O'Connell does a great spoof of that TC video too! Don't you just want to tell TC to tone down the creepiness factor? I couldn't even watch more than a few minutes of his video...yech.

Anonymous said...

I like that mattress, at least the concept. Me and Renee sleep in the traditional "spoons" position usually and I never have anyplace to put my right arm. That would kind of cool just to tuck it away. Hmmm.

I love the Onion...problem is these days that they might be more sane than the actual news media. (I am including all, I hate bias in news reporting--both directions)

dawn224 said...

mattress? Hm. I wonder how my boobs would deal.