Monday, May 12, 2008

Update on where I am

I'm going to call her Lyd, as in short for Lydia, but not really.

We talk several times a day, plus message, meet in chat, IM, email, etc. She's even begun two blogs which relate. I'd call us good communicators. I'd call her smitten, but she'd say it's more. Again, I warn against U-Hauls pulling up to my door.

We she visited just over a week ago, she met my son at the airport and had brought him gifts. He fell for her immediately. She's covered in tattoos and has the mouth of a sailor, but she has such a gentleness about her that he picked up on. The other day, he piped up during another IM session, saying, "You must reeeeeeaaaaallllllllly like Lyd!"

I had told her that I was considering a cruise to a new place in August. I want to go, in part, because I know my son soon probably won't want to go places with me. She suggested visiting her in CA and she's show us everything from the deserts to the cities. I am tempted, just not quite yet.

She is coming to the Mid-West and East Coast in June/July, visiting lots of friends and relations. She'll hook up with folks in this area again, too, two of whom know about us.

The other day she was talking about a butch butch and the concept of such terminology entered my head. I asked if she considers herself butch butch and she said some could consider her butch butch, but she thinks she's a soft butch. (I don't see the soft part, but then she doesn't wear a mohawk, either. It was funny to see people in the mall last week look at her; she literally wears herself on her sleeve.) She volunteered that I am a bicurious femme, but I modified that to be bicurious moderately femme, as I don't really do pink, as you now know. I asked her if she's always attracted to femmes, she thought for a moment, then replied that she probably is.

I'd be the first to say that she's not my type. First, Lyd's a she. Second, she had graphic tattoos. Third, she has a mouth and a temper. Fourth, she doesn't yet have a career. Fifth, she still lives with her parents. (Fourth and fifth relate to her being a caretaker for them.) Sixth, I'm not really attracted to her body. (However, I do want to make her feel good.)

Mostly, I am attracted to her being. I accept her completely about the other things.


Monica Cassani said...

sounds kinda nice to me...and it feels like it's all being taken nice and slow...

I married a loving gentle man who wasn't "my type." It's not perfect, but as far as I can tell it's better than what most people have.

Aunt Becky said...

I think it sounds lovely. And I'm curious, mainly because I don't date any more, so I'm living vicariously through you and all of my dating friends.

Anonymous said... are not attracted to much of her except her "being". I am just reading this and trying to think if I have ever felt that way about a girl???

Churlita said...

it sounds more like you have intense feelings of friendship for her.

I just hooked up with a guy this weekend kind of like that. it's hard to know where to go with it. Let me know what happens.

laura b. said...

Lyd sounds pretty awesome in a lot of ways. I guess this is would be an example of something that just "is". You can't label it or put it in a box, you know?