Friday, August 29, 2008

Fuck that noise

Well, we camped for two nights and went tubing. Then the rains came and we went to the movie and out to dinner a couple dozen miles away.

My mind crept to the warmth of a real shower and the crispness of clean sheets, so we stayed in a hotel last night. We went to a few museums today and decided to come home for the night. It's supposed to be clear and mid 80s tomorrow, so we'll drive back in the morning.

In the mean time, our campsite is a disaster. My 10x10' canopy didn't stand up the rain, so two side poles broke through the tarp on top, leaving everything underneath a sopping mess. I put all I could dry in the car and left the rest under the corner that was still dry. The tent is still up, to its credit and the tarp I'd secured on top, it and the sleeping bags were largely dry.

Tomorrow, we'll find out what happened to it all after two nights unattended. When we left we were the only tent campers there.

At the very least, our wet junk holding our primo spot for this holiday weekend.

Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day!

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