Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lies of Omission

Ex called today to chat as if we were friends. I played along, as I usually do. Some time, I'll get into the J concerns over camp (and religion with ex's new wife!), which we weren't sure if we should be concerned about or if Mr. Sensitive J was overreacting for himself. I concluded that J was sleep deprived at camp, which caused an overreaction to kids with flashlights and noise cutting up at bedtime when the counselor took some time off and returned around 11:30p. It amazes me that he'd break down crying a couple times over that, but it's the same story that ex coaxed out of him a few days ago, so I believe it is the case.

Anyhoo, I did not confess to the airport SNAFU from Tuesday. I will assume he has called his mother to inquire about J (I have to assume he calls me last after all his family members) and she stayed mum on the topic. So what happens in NC, stays in NC.

In things pertaining to my life, but not really, I went to the Library of Congress today. Waited over 90 minutes for a single book to be delivered, which pretty much crashed my 2h parking place limit and cost me $30. I was only about 15 minutes late and I'd talked to a cop at the nearby corner, kinda considering him my guardian angel, but that didn't work so well. At least he was apologetic.

Of course, the primary book I went to see had been grossly misquoted in a genealogy email list and the details I sought were the very ones not in the book of marriages. Bugger. At least it was good for other family lines - all relating to ex. I still rabidly research his family, even doing yDNA studies on J.

The book I waited so long on was something for a Canadian branch of my family and it related charming family day-to-day details of my great great grandfather, a trapper in the wilds. I'd printed out the holding data on that book probably six years ago, finally made it to LOC for a visit.

I am considering going out camping again tomorrow and staying the weekend. I won't go as far as the last two weekends and, instead of car camping on my own, I will set up my tent and do the air mattress. Mostly, I just am driven to paint. Must remember to purchase some kind of food or something. Must.paint. Forget all else. Nice thing is the campground I am considering only costs $10/night, so it's pretty cheap, better that driving the hour or two back home each day.

I have so much catching up to do around here. And I have so much on my mind to blog. Never been quite this way before.


Anonymous said...

How ironic that you had to wait 90 minutes for a book from the Library of Congress. You should probably consider yourself lucky...the wheels of government move slowly and in reverse.

Val said...

??? I admit I'm very rusty on the details, but is there no inter-library loan program available in your area???

Aunt Becky said...


I know precisely what you mean about lies of omission.

NoRegrets said...

Hey, you could camp in my backyard...