Friday, August 01, 2008

Paranoia will prepare ya

I bought a medium sized knife today. A Buck Knife, Stockman style with three blades.

I dreamed for hours in the wee morning about buying a knife, one with a sheath. When it came down to it, I figured that was too much knife for me.

Why on earth would I be preoccupied with a knife today?

Last night on the phone, Lizzie began to tell me about a Stephen King movie they'd just watched, a typically scary one involving campers. With great emphasis, I had her stop before she could start. One doesn't want to hear scary campfire tales before embarking on a camping trip.

Hence, the knife dreams followed and they were also aided by the fear idea of painting own my own after I drop off J. I plan to stop at some pull off from the main scenic highway going through the mountains; I'll be quite visible and probably completely safe, but the crazy decapitator in the GA mountains has been on my mind the past few days.

I have painter buddies who refuse to paint on their own at all, or they have spouses who insist they not paint on their own. I always thought they were the wussy ones.

Will I feel more safe with a knife? Nooo. Will I change my behavior because of a knife? Nooo. Should I be charging Stephen King for it? By all means.


Aunt Becky said...

Eep! I'd get one too!

Ron Southern said...

There are lots of very good knives, including the one you bought, but my sense of laziness has long made me buy single-blade knives with locking blades. No accidental closures, whether you're whittling styrofoam or carving up fresh bloody bear meat! Hmm, now I'm scared to go in the woods with you!

Spadoman said...

The knife in the picture is a good knife. Are you the type that wears clothes with pockets most of the time? I am, and I carry my knife, (similar to yours) in a pocket and have it with me at all times.

I use it at least once every day. Just yesterday, I used it to open a bag of chips instead of trying to split the bag open at the top and have the contents explode all over the cockpit of my Ford.

If you got that knife for protection, well, it takes a moment to pull it out, open a blade, (let alone deciding which blade to use in your current situation), then be ready to defend. If you bite your nails it's a bitch to pull out a blade. I know.

Nice knife though. Pretty good blog, too. This is my first time here. I sat and read for a while and was entertained.

Peace to All.

NoRegrets said...

If he paid for all the knives that people bought because of his stories, he'd be bankrupt!!!