Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bloglines Blogroll

First, bottom line up front. It took a while to get here.

I invite you to see my Blogroll at Bloglines. This provides real time updates as the various blogs I read are updated, reducing the time it takes to flip through blogs.


suzinalexa said...

So I tried to access that link but it keeps giving me this - even though I'm signed in as my usual blog id:

The user name you are using to access this blogroll is incorrect. Be sure you use your Bloglines user name and not your email address. Click here to create or edit your user name.


Also, I'm trying to post my own blog roll but don't see where it gives me that option. I have actually paid for a site on typepad but it won't let me import my old posts even though it says, "done, 20 posts imported" it never brings anything over. And my normal site won't let me download any photos either. I'm very frustrated with this whole thing right now. Any suggestions?

Cricket said...

You click on the name of the post to go to the blog. Yeah, you can't comment from Bloglines.

Also, FYI there is a few hours delay usually between when a post is made and when the Bloglines list is updated.

The main thing that is trying to me is the post edit. I certainly do my share of editing, but some folks do it over and over and over, with it appearing at Bloglines each time. I hate to admit it, but I rarely read the edits.

Somewhere on the Bloglines page, you can import the Bloglines to your own account to make your own list. That way, you can add the ones you're interested in, although I'd love referrals, too.